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Wise Studio was launched in 2015 by Tamir Wise to service studios all over the world with amazing Visual Effects Services. Prior to launching Wise Studios, Tamir worked as a VFX Artist since 2001.

Created by artists for artists, Wise Studios specializes in High-End VFX at affordable prices. With a focus on commercial TV & Film VFX production, we’re able to turn dreams into reality.

We assist our clients by walking them through the entire production process starting in pre-production with creative sessions and script breakdowns. We then work with the director to properly build out all VFX related shots during physical production by utilizing our team of VFX Supervisors.

Finally, we handle all VFX Post-Production related requirements to complete and deliver breathtaking visuals that will leave your audience astounded and wanting more.

Our team consists of a Creative Director and VFX Supervisor in Tamir Wise as well as a team of Producers manage by Darya Lutanov  who have over 20 years combined experience in creating VFX and managing VFX workflows.

Our VFX Artists are some of the world’s most creative and talented collectives who remain passionate about the work they create and are relentless when it comes to creating mind blowing VFX.

We at Wise Studios are masters at CGI, compositing, matte painting, simulations, modeling and 2D & 3D animation as well as color.

Our motto at Wise Studios is “We Wont Rest, Until It’s Right.”

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